• Okt: Squashkamp Pontefract met Malcolm Willstrop

    Begin oktober is door Ronny Vlassaks een squashweek training geregeld bij de vader van James Willstrop, voormalig nummer 1 van de Wereld. Malcolm Willstrop is een zeer gerespecteerde wereld trainer waar veel wereldtop spelers naar toe gaan en talenten.

    Op naar Pontefract (vlakbij Leeds UK). Zondag samen met Thijs Roukens, vriendje en toptalent van NL) met vliegtuig naar Leeds.

    Met dank aan familie Todd voor de verzorging voor Fleur en Thijs die gehele week.

    Het is anders trainen dan Fleur gewend was. Ontzettend naar haar zin gehad en wil graag vaker naar Malcolm Willstrop toe.

    Visie van Malcolm over Fleur

    ……….. my opinion on Fleur’s squash and potential,based,of course on the week she spent here.
    I was very impressed with her squash:she is very athletic and reads the game well,which means she is in position early-a sure sign of ability., Her choice of shot,another important factor is also very good.
    So everything is in place to play  profesionally if that is what she wants,It sounds as if combining squash and university is what she has in mind and that is difficult in these competitive days, However Farag,Sobhy and Saurav Ghosal who spent 8 years here with me and has a first class degree from Leeds University have proved it can be done. it is important if she goes to university that she is close to the environment she needs to progress her squash.
    Ronny and Tommy are obviously looking after her well to be as good as she is. I gather she plays European Championships and  I cannot stress how important background is,so league squash,tournaments and of course physios are very important. So my opinion is that she is very talented,should play professionally and I can envisage a bright future in the game for her. She was also very receptive and easy to work with and that helps.
    As I have said she is welcome here any time subject of course to Ronny’s approval. Hope that helps.


    Malcolm, hartelijk bedankt en hopelijk tot de volgende keer.



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